7 Steps Model: Introduction

GESCI has developed a new and innovative training model which combines high level skilling to commercial – standards with entrepreneurial abilities which will lead on to small enterprise creation in technology-based arenas.
The model incorporates various supports needed for the creation of start-ups.

The model has been applied by GESCI in the cultural arena, which has a high potential for growth in Africa, skilling African artists in the application of digital technologies in creating   new products and services for the multi-media industry through its programme called “AKE – Creative Media Venture”.

Crucially, the model is also applicable to traditional employments in service areas and to new and emerging ICT-based service opportunities for start-ups and self- employments.

GESCI has developed the 7-STEPs, tested and validated through the Living Lab Research, which links training and skills development to start-up businesses.

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