Start by defining and analyzing the potential start-up environment. Find out what problems exists in the community that you would like to solve. Gather community members in the area of research and conduct a small research with them. Ask questions to find out about their problems and ways of living on daily basis. Look for kinds of businesses thriving in the area, find out what they are doing well. Find out gaps that exists in their business.

GESCI has a reputation for developing models of Education programs using Information Communication and Technology for both governments and other organizations. The organization began developing the Youth Skills and enterprise development model in the 2012. Below see research conducted while the organization was scanning the ecosystem.

BASE line Survey: Maputo Living Lab Summer School of ICTs: an Experience Report 2013

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Introduction: Kenyan Prospects of Creative Industries and Digital Innovation

In this series of blog posts, our University of Helsinki 4th Generation Course research group aims at elevating the previous findings and policy suggestions from GESCI-AKE 2014/2015 “The Sound of the City” Living Lab into a concrete framework for action. Our research stems from previous work conducted by GESCI-AKE, Aalto University Media Lab, Dr. Minna Aslama Horowitz and MSocSc Vesa Saarinen, and we take this opportunity to thank them for their major contribution.

To very briefly recap what has been achieved so far, let us first discuss what was the The Sound of the City Living Lab.

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Roundtable and Solution Design workshop

“Thank you all participants — the different stakeholders. We are in the process creating an pan-African model that will respond to the challenges of our field! Already at this stage, we work with policy makers and the industry, as well as international consultants and other stakeholders. Our mission is to tell African stories!” #Creativemedia

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Students artefacts and class projects

MLab South Africa living lab is taking advantage of the trend of growing use of mobile phones and different applications, happening all around Africa. They offers entrepreneurs and mobile developers help with developing new and creative innovations in the form of mobile applications and services. In practice, they offer help with learning to code, hiring developers and finding funding. mLab offers a shared space for entrepreneurs to network, have the possibility to use different tools needed for their work, receive consultation from experts and finally, start up their own business. The living laboratory participates in all the steps of creating innovation and working in support of various stakeholders.

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