The Lab Researchers sum it up as Thesis #2: Entrepreneurship Cannot Be Cloned. Education Must Be Flexible”

 Before plunging into a Start-up funding or Start-up incubation, GESCI model recommends upskilling and enterprise training for the Start-up participant. This calls for a customized curriculum. A curriculum framework is an organized lesson plan that sets out a training program. It explains the knowledge, Attitudes and Skills to be acquired by the trainees in that particular course. It has set out lesson activities that encourage active learning

AKE Curriculum framework

The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) was created in 2004 by the United Nations GESCI envisions a world where the widespread use and integration of digital technologies will realise higher levels of equality and inclusiveness. It is a world where ICTs are efficiently used to support governments and communities for:

  • Equitable access to a quality education
  • ICT competency skills development for youth employment
  • Multi-level leadership competencies for social and economic development.

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