“Thesis #3: Everything is Entrepreneurial”

Entrepreneurship program should adopt methodologies that ascribe to Personal Entrepreneurship Competencies. These are just national and international priorities/ models that have been tested and found to work best by development partners and peers and agreed to as the bench mark of bare minimum for best practices. This is the methodology our organisation has adopted throughout our programme. All of GESCI’s work is guided by national and international development priorities, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) practically linked to our programme implementation. 

Therefore, the best explanation I can provide for the defense of having a preference for PECs is AKE as a program does not exist in a vacuum and it heavily relies on work done before by industry partners. The program builds on identified best practices elsewhere in the world to improve delivery of desired outcomes. Personal Entrepreneurship Competencies are skills that cannot be taught in class but rather they can be learnt informally. And as such AKE program has made it mandatory to foster such skills in the artists visiting AKE Creative Media Venture lab.  Described by Colin Jones, and Jack English in their research ‘A contemporary Approach to Entrepreneurship education’ and implemented by Empretec in India certified by UNCTAD. These competencies were fostered by AKE program in 2016.

  1. Opportunity seeking and initiative (participants sought for clients and commissioners of work)
  2. Taking calculated risk
  3. Persistence
  4. Demand for efficiency and quality
  5. Fulfilling commitments (participants delivered the projects at all costs)
  6. Information seeking
  7. Goal setting
  8. Self confidence

Participants Diaries

GESCI has developed a new and innovative training model which combines high level skilling to commercial - standards with entrepreneurial abilities which will lead on to small enterprise creation in technology-based arenas.

The model incorporates various supports needed for the creation of start-ups.

The model has been applied by GESCI in the cultural arena, which has a high potential for growth in Africa, skilling African artists in the application of digital technologies in creating   new products and services for the multi-media industry through its programme called “AKE – Creative Media Venture”.

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